Dennis Roxby Bott R.W.S.

Dennis is always happy to paint pictures to commission.

Probably the most popular subjects over the years have been paintings of clients homes, with schools, universities and well known local views being close behind.

Paintings of vintage and veteran motor cars are always extremely popular with their owners. Boats are also favoured commissions, ranging from small sailing boats up to the Royal Yacht Britannia! Engines under steam and steam traction engines, watermills in Austria and farm carts in France. From views of Venice to peonies in English gardens, castles to cottages and plants to people, Dennis has been asked to paint them and is always happy to discuss an idea.

If you would like to commission a painting or enquire about the possibility, please do get in touch.

Panoroamic scene across London from the Barbican

View from Lauderdale Tower, Barbican, London.

Painted to commission.

Unframed dimensions 11 inches (28 cm) by 19.75 inches (50.5 cm).

Price framed and mounted 1650.

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